Looking for an Electronic Enclosure Box

I’m looking for a place that would sell, or create this for me… an electronic enclosure box…

Material: Plastic
Color: Black
Length: 6 inches
Width: 3 inches
Height: 1 inch

On one of the 6x1 sides, there needs to be a pre-cut hole for a DB25 connector.

Do you have any Fry’s electronic stores nearby? I know they sell project boxes. It wouldn’t have the hole pre cut, but you could cut it with a dremel

Here on the east coast, we dont have Fry’s, we have RadioShacks… and none of their boxes are the right size…

There are Fry’s on the east coast. Atlanta has one (maybe 2 now) I guess they haven’t meandered up to New Jersey yet. Radioshack does typically suck for enclosures.

Maybe try fry’s online?

Hammond Enclosures, number: 1591XXDSBK

Really, putting the connector on the 6x1 side doesn’t sound too hot; putting it on the 6x3 side would put the center of gravity closest to the connector.

Too big… it has to be 1" in height.

I guess I’m out of luck with this? At most… it can be 1.4" in height… but 1.8" is way too big.

Or you could try looking for yourself. 30 seconds on digikey finds a 6.3"x3.07"x1.06" , and tons of others very close to that.

I’ve already looked on Digikey… I dont see it…


The closest I see is 6x3x1.67

Plus, I dont like how Digikey doesnt give photos of actual products.

Remember, it has to be PLASTIC, not Aluminum.



You could go to Lowes or somewhere similar and have them cut you pieces of wood then glue them together.

click Go
click Boxes (3,312 items) (under the Boxes, Enclosures, Racks category)
Use Control-Click or shift click to select all of the Plastic materials (I’m assuming you dont want metal)
Check the box for 'in stock’
Click ‘Apply Filters’

Then start looking through the Size/Dimension for something that will fit.
There’s a 5.99x3.24x1.38, or 6.18x3.7x1.42, or 6.1x4.6x1.37, or…

there’s also Mouser.com, with over 6,000 enclosures, like maybe 5.9x3.15x1.18, or…

Tons out there, and that’s only two places to look.

I always just cut mine down to size…

Got zero results on digikey… the only things that fit were metal.

You’re not doing it right…