Looking for an extra stock stick/buttons from the Madcatz SE

If you modded your SE stick and haven’t thrown your stock one away, pm me.

I need a set to keep around for testing something and I don’t want to buy new stuff.

Don’t have to be working great, as long as they’re in one piece I can use them.

I have stock Saturn Virtua HS-0136 buttons (7) of them lying around if you’re interested let me know. $12.50 shipped sound reasonable?

I still have my six white buttons and the two black ones…not the stick (Saved the gate for some reason)

I have a 360 se that i’ve only used a couple times on my pc. how much are you offering?

This is funny, because I believe there’s a thread below this one with a guy selling the stock stick and buttons in a package. It SOUNDS like you want it for free though, so that won’t help much.

Just a heads up I suppose.

Yeah im pretty sure the dude is asking for it free…I did the same & i only got one response & that was for $25 + shipping:wow: