Looking for an I-PAC2 - does Ultimarc still sell stuff?

Well yeah, I’ve been looking for an I-PAC2 for weeks but I can’t seem to find it anywhere, a lot of shops are re-stocking and Andy at Ultimarc didn’t answer my e-mail so before I place a blind order on their website I’d like to know if they’re still in the business (I’ve googled a lil and it looks like all the threads talking about shipments and whatnot regarding Ultimarc are dated 2004~2005…).

Has anybody bought anything at Ultimarc during the past few months?

I wouldn’t mind if you could point me at an alternative with similar capabilities either, as long as shipment included it won’t cost me more than 60 US $ (I live in Italy and I need a custom-made arcade-stick (2x LS-32 a la Virtual On + 6 buttons) -> USB interface, gonna use it on PC).

well, screw Ultimarc and their customers service, I got a Toodles’ Chtuhlu from lizardlick amusements, at least I know who I’m dealing with.

I’ve had good luck with Ultimarc, About a year or so ago I ordered a JPAC and a couple other things from Andy and it came very quickly. I know hes still about and in business because he still posts on the arcadecontrols.com forum occasionally and answers questions there.

You won’t be disappointed with a Cthulu or Lizardlick either, but just letting you know Ultimarc is definitely a reputable vendor

I ordered an ipac from andy last year. Works great an came fast. But as we speak I’m swaping it out for 2 cthuhla boards.