Looking for an in-depth explanation of 'option select' : )


Hi, my first post here :slight_smile:
I’ve read the glossary faq, but I’m still confused as to exactly what option select is… I’d really appreciate an explanation!

Another thing - I’m a fan of watching Japanese tournaments online, and something I’ve noticed is that they constantly seem to throw at the same time when up close (resulting in that blue wave cancelling the throw). Why does this always happen? I’ve played a bit and it has barely ever happened to me - is there a way to guard whilst also attempting a grab?


edit: What is the term ‘SC’? E.g. SC.LP.


an option select is simply a series of inputs that are context sensitive. It’s specifically for countering a mixup situation or for increasing a characters offensive pressure by refining their mixups. It’s simply an ‘if this, then that; if that, then this’ situation. For example, Ryu can jump in with srk-HP and if the HP connects, that’s it. If it whiffs, you get a DP. There some more advanced concepts, but I think that covers it. Someone less stupid than I could probably explain it better.


Yeaaa…pretty much. The term “option select” pretty much translates to “hitting inputs in a way that will have multiple outcomes depending on what your opponent does”.
The main one, which is also what you’re referring to with the throw teching is an option select crouch tech.
Mariodood has a nice writeup - http://www.shoryuken.com/entry.php?b=252
Learning to OS crouch tech is a really really good technique and your first step into becoming an advanced sf4 player.

Also, SC is “standing close” attack.


D + LK + LP

if you’re playing 3S, tap forward then down-back

and tap forward against ambiguous cross ups, you’ll either parry it or block it if it crosses up

I think that about covers it


Option select is any action that you input in such a way where it’s possible to get two generally advantageous outcomes.

A really basic and easy to understand example of this is Chun Li’s standing mid punch in SF2. Not only is it a good poke, but in SF2 you have one button throws. So basically Chun can walk in an pressure with standing mid punch and either get a good poke or a throw.

Teching throws is just something you get good at with time. The throw tech window is pretty lenient in SF4, so you’ll see a lot of teching in high level matches. If you anticipate a throw coming, you try to counter throw or tech it yourself. There is also a technique called option teching, which can increase your chances.

He’s a good guide on it:

Could you give an example of that term? I can’t think of anything SC would mean besides super cancel, which wouldn’t make sense in the above example.

edit: oh, duh. standing close.


Lord of Ultima has a very good video demonstration of option selects in his 3-minute fundamental guides. [media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k"[/media]


Wow, that was an impressive tutorial, but this is still just a mystery to me :slight_smile:
I think I understand the crouch tech one, kinda?

If anyone could explain this in a simpler way that would be good!


An option select is basically a series of inputs that make the game choose the best option for the given situation. Crouch teching is probably the most basic option select. To perform this, you press LP+LK together while crouch blocking an opponent’s combo, and the game will choose the best option.

For example - Let’s say Balrog is in your face and he’s trying to hit you with cr.lp x 3. (Three crouching low punches) The crouch tech option select defeats some of his options.

  1. He could try walk up and throw you after one of those punches. But if he takes to long before he throws you, one of your cr.lk’s will come out and hit him. Try it out in training mode - If you crouch and press LP+LK, a cr.LK will come out.

  2. Same as #1, but if he catches you with the throw, you will escape the throw since you teching throws is done by pressing LP+LK.

  3. If he doesn’t decide to go for a throw, you will continue blocking since you won’t be able to attack in between his combo.

Of course, this is just one example of a very basic option select. There are many option selects in the game that are used for different situations. A option select that is a bit more advanced is the option select sweep, as was demonstrated in the video that was linked. So lets say you keep knocking someone down, and you notice that they really like to backdash on their wakeup. The option select sweep is there to punish that.

Okay, lets use Akuma as an example. To perform this option select, you will have to time a cr.LP with you opponents wake-up, and after that perform a cr.HK and another cr.LP. Let’s say you knock down Ryu - let’s break it down how this option select works when performed correctly -

  1. Ryu gets up and blocks - Your cr.LP will be blocked and your sweep will not come out since you will still be in recovery frames of your cr.LP. The second cr.LP will hit and you can continue your blockstring or go for a tick throw.

  2. Ryu gets up and backdashes. If you perform the option select correctly, you will see that your first punch will whiff, and your sweep will come out, knocking Ryu back down. This is because you will recover from your jab in time for your sweep to come out and knock Ryu back down.

  3. Ryu gets up and does nothing - This probably won’t happen often, but you will hit Ryu with a cr.LP. The sweep won’t come out, but the next cr.LP will, allowing you to go into a BnB combo.

Of course, not all option selects are bullet proof. Crouch tech can be beaten by a frame trap, and the option select sweep can be defeated by a move with invincibility.

It may be a bit confusing at first, but I hope this helps.


Technically the game doesn’t choose the “best” option - it just does what’s possible at that moment, or it executes the move with the highest priority. For example, if (using Ryu) you press c.lp + c.hk together, the c.hk will execute because hard kick has higher priority than light punch. However, press c.lp followed immediately followed by c.lp + c.hk, the game will execute two crouching light punches if the first punch connects.. This is because Ryu’s lp (and lk) can chain together, but it’s not possible for his c.lp to cancel into his c.hk.

This above-mentioned technique is commonly known as an anti-backdash option select. You typically use it while your opponent is waking up from a knockdown (or in reset situations). If they get hit by the first punch, the second one will come out and you can follow up with a combo (if they’re not blocking) or a mixup. If they backdash to evade the first light punch, the will get hit by the crouching hard kick (I think some characters can evade it completely though). Try it in training mode. Record the dummy knocking you down, then doing c.lp followed immediately c.lp + c.hk as you wake up. Then play it back against yourself and check what happens when the first punch whiffs compared to what happens when it connects.

Note: c.lp = crouching light punch, c.hk = crouching hardkick


Thanks everyone! Nice and clear explanations :slight_smile:


i have some video’s showcasing cammy option selects, pretty sure inputs are included in all the video’s of these to show you how they are performed: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrHighlulu