Looking for an offline scene in the Roseville, Lincoln, citrus heights, area

I play online all the time but im looking for a scene in this area to play with some people offline and maybe do some tournaments?

I live in lincoln which is close to all of these areas, have a pretty big house to hold some mini-tournaments or sessions. Let me know thanks guys

I lived in Lincoln / Rocklin from 2005-2007, and I never got a single offline match in anywhere near me, so good luck! Sacramento area will likely be your only recourse.

I live in Auburn but I would be down to play sometime.

Really? auburn is not to far away when would you like to play? im available most of the time

Im down. I live in Antelope area and posted last week in “…916 cuz we hype…” thread. That I was lookin for someone to lab with.

cool how far is that from me?

Maybe 20 min. I don’t know your exact address so…I live around the cross streets Walerga and Northloop

20 min thats not bad yea lets do this

So a four man session at your place?
I can also bring my setup if needed.