Looking for an old issue (#8?) of SF- Karin/Sakura fight

I’m not sure if that’s the Gorillaz artist doing the fight (after Dan), or someone similar? I think it’s issue 8, but wanted to confirm w/someone who knows before buying on Ebay. Don’t want some random stuff.

Does that artist do other issues?


Yes that’s Street Fighter issue #8. The artist’s name is Ale Garza BTW. And that’s the only back up story he’s done for SF. Met him before, very nice guy. :smile:

That’s cool. And thanks for the info.

The Gorillaz art is by Jamie Hewlett, a British dude. If you want to check out his comics, he created the Tank Girl series. That series really has British sensibilities. Hewlett has also done a few covers and pinups for American comics, like Doom Patrol and Shade, The Changing Man.