Looking for an older fighting game strategy guide

I’m sorry if there is a thread for this but the search was not working. I’m looking for a magazine that I believe came out around 1994. It featured 3 games, one of which I believe was mortal kombat 2 and another possibly virtua fighter. The third game could have been a version of street fighter but I don’t remember. I think in the back it also had some stuff about king of fighters 94, fighter’s history dynamite and mk2 home ports. I can’t remember if it was released under a major label like egm or gamepro.

Now I don’t think the guide was particulary good but it has some nostalgic value. I was wondering if anybody knew who released it and so I could dig up some more info. Thanks for any help.

“The Ultimate Guide to Fighting Games” (from the editors of EGM) was released in Summer 1994 as part of the EGM Masters Series. It contains extensive info on Mortal Kombat 2, Virtua Fighter and Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, as well as smaller articles on World Heroes 2 Jet and the home versions of MK2, SSF2 and Fighter’s History. I bought my copy in October '94 for 159 SEK (approximately $25) - enough to elicit a “Whoa!” from the magazine store clerk :smile: , but it was worth it.

I would say that eBay (or possibly amazon.com) would be the prime avenues for search.

Here it is

Awesome, thanks a lot guys.