Looking for an opinion on my MvC 3 Team


Where is the best place in the forums to get an opinion of my current MvC 3 team? I’m an old SRK user, but took a long break and now the forums have changed quite a bit, and I’m trying to look for a spot to get feedback on my team.

If this is an okay spot, I use Taskmaster (Parabolic shot), Doom (Hidden Missiles), and Dormammu (Dark Hole). I’ve been practicing a lot with all three, and think they may work well together. I keep Dormammu back for his assist until he has meter, cause once that battery is charged he’s a damage nightmare, and Doom is great as an assist or point character, but Taskmaster fits my bill much better as a starter. I just don’t like to end on Legion Arrow because often I feel like there is something more I could do than end on such a weak OTG attack.

I’m trying to get the best I can, practice my BnB’s, find mixups, options, etc. before I go online again. My current record is 11-49, and when I step back onto the battlefield I want that to change. I want the team that works best for me. I’m willing to learn other characters within reason, although I’m not into characters like MODOK or Joe, and really not a fan of Phoenix, despite how OP her Dark form is, as I like having command of my Hyper rather than storing for a longshot glass cannon.

Rate my Character choices for MvC 3, if this isn’t the best spot, tell me where is and I’ll move.




I think most Taskmaster players will tell you that Parabolic Shot is the worst assist ever, and that H. Shot will be better. However, I’m not sure how you play, and if you never switch out Task for Doom in a DHC, then it won’t matter all that much, and honestly, I think Parabolic works well with Doom’s zoning tools.

This team looks like it could be played really successfully as a zoning team, but also as a pressure team if ever against “better” zoners. Unless you’ve discovered something better, the DHCs between your team looks like it may be a little weak, but again, Taskmaster is really solid and will kill in two combos regardless, as will Doom, leaving Dormammu with plenty of meter to do his hyper shenanigans. You may also be able to extend Task’s combos with Dark Hole; look into that if you haven’t already. The extra meter and damage will go a long way.

That said, nothing about this team says “wow, what a cool strategy” or “that pairing of characters is awesome!” It’s just a very well-rounded team, and that’s also good in its own way. All three characters do well as point or as anchor.

I’d say, stick with it if you enjoy it, as it has a lot of potential. I would suggest possible swapping of characters with others if somebody else looked like they would fit perfectly, but that’s not the case. I will suggest a possible playstyle though; aerial exchanges. Because of how potentially ambiguous the positioning of your team is, you can probably take advantage of aerial exchanges. If you feel that you’ll be juuust off of killing somebody off with Taskmaster, go for the 33% guess for the tag into Doom. If you fail, it would have taken another combo to kill the character anyway, and if you succeed, you potentially get extra meter and a dead opponent character. Then you can switch back to Taskmaster, or keep playing Doom, and possibly do it again. As I understand, both Doom and Taskmaster have the potential for really damaging and effective “coming in from an exchange” combos (as does Dormammu), so look into those and find what works best.

And that’s it. Don’t disregard aerial exchanges as a valid strategy. I’ve seen plenty of teams that have a DHC trick starter as a second character, and the ender as their point, and they do a full combo, aerial exchange, DHC trick back into the original character, and repeat, killing a character each time. Even without the DHC trick, you can probably easily get 800k+ on this, and aerial exchanges are a lot easier to hit with than they are to counter.


I’m not against switching out characters, but so far I feel like I have a decent grasp using this team. I was only think Parabolic shot assist because I could play a multi direction zone type game, where Dorm can close the front off, Doom locks them from the skies and Parabolic as an angled approach anti air. I’ve been practicing a few different exchange and DHC combos, but it is difficult from Task to Doom with a powerful DHC. Photon Array is a great zoning hyper, but it’s damage seems pithy to me. I’m trying to find setups into Sphere Flame, and it works with Dormammu on several setups, but Taskmaster to Doom is a difficult transition.

I do enjoy this team though, but I’ve used several characters and am not above switching one out if it will improve the team stature. I’ve used Ryu, Akuma, Chun Li, Wesker, Magneto, Deadpool, Iron Man, Super Skrull, Shuma Gorath, and am not above learning a new character either. I enjoy learning new characters usually, I just don’t like the smaller “gimmicky” characters. I know Ama isn’t so much a gimmick, but her style doesn’t appeal to me, as does Joe, MODOK, Arthur, and I just do not like Jill. They completely butchered her in the development process.

I also think it may be a decent Anti Phoenix team, but I’m not too sure on that. Of all the characters I’ve seen people use against Dark Phoenix, usually Dormammu has always had the highest success rate of fighting her. Honestly, I’d rather snap her in and take care of the problem before it starts though, but if worse comes to worse, I want the Phoenix user to take caution when approaching me. Seems like shes the number one threat to the community right now.

I appreciate this advice btw.


Yeah. Despite what the Taskmaster community said, I like Parabolic with Doom; Doom covers the ground well with plasma beam, and super jumps well with photon shot, so parabolic covers normal jumps. Plus, if you are MAX screen distance away, parabolic shot actually hits a standing opponent anyway; I end up pushing them to the corner with plasma beam, and then they get hit by parabolic long enough for another plasma beam to come out.

The only thing I may suggest, after thinking about it for a while, would be to replace Dormammu with Akuma. He can do a lot of the same things, but his assist might help you better, as it acts more like a “combo breaker” when you just throw it out, a lot like Tron’s or Haggar’s assists. But this is something that isn’t exactly an improvement if Dormammu is working well for you, and I haven’t tested Doom or Task with tatsu assist yet.

(For the record, though none of these characters are really my “main” characters, I tend to play Taskmaster/Doom/Phoenix (trap assist; works great for zoning certain angles if you can get her out) as a wild card when my opponents seem to either know the matchup against my main characters well or if their characters give mine trouble. So…this is with only a little bit of experience that I’m giving you advice on these characters).

Never hesitate to switch around Doom and Task at the beginning of the match if you think the matchup will be better. Personally, I like Doom against Wolverine rather than Taskmaster, because you can get half a bar of chip off of Wolverine before he gets in, while I prefer Taskmaster against Magneto because you have a bit more mobility and the option to throw out a random counter to stop his mixups, as well as his zoning options (H. Shot tears through disrupter, as does his shield. You can even shield through one disrupter, then cancel into H. Shot to beat out another if he happens to shoot another one.) Just some things to think about…