Looking for any level Zangief to practice with on PC



Honestly, I can’t beat even the scrubbiest Zangief, even with my 9 months of having the game and practicing hardcore with my chars, and they’re actually getting quite rare to see on PC.
I play Claw, Fei Long, and Guile myself, and would appreciate anyone willing to practice with me.

Add me on GFWL: PhinnyCupcakes


I consider myself a pretty scrubby Zangief. And I could definitely use practice against Claw, Fei Long, and Guile. I rarely play against those chracters so they’re matchups I’m not as familiar with. I usually play at odd hours because I don’t get off work until midnight, but consider yourself added as soon as I get home.

But I’m gonna feel really bad when you beat me because you said you “can’t beat even the scrubbiest Zangief”. :frowning:


dude dont worry its all good
I mean it. It doesnt matter what skill level you are. Hell, I don’t care if you use scrubby tactics on me the whole match =P
I just wanna be able to overcome them - thats the whole point hahaha =P



I don’t consider myself a good player but am not that beginner neither and I would definitely need training against those characters (and training in general).
So, if you don’t mind, I’ll add you and if we happen to have a good connection with each other, let’s roll.
My Id is Khwadj and I’m french so it may be difficult (or not) to play at the same time (I often play at night time).

See ya


I add you. I have won many G1 finals with zangief.
you can also add helshoot, hes a very god zangief. but I am not sure about hes name


uh, you’ll wreck me. I hardly ever beat G2 finals


u can add me too (sk1jack). i dont consider myself as a good zangief but i’d like to play against some better guys.
im from germany though