Looking for arcade parts


Hi, anyone know where i can buy new convex happ buttons and a new wico p360 joystick ?


Try here



I sorry but you are mistaken the Wico P360+ is not the same joystick as the Suzo-Happ P360+
Although out of the 6 (SIX) versions of the Wico Perfect 360+ only the last is similarly to the Suzo-Happ P360+.
The Happ Perfect 360+ is only a clone of the 6th version of the Wico P360+.

You are not going to find a New Wico anything. Maybe if you looked on line you could find a NOS or New Old Stock Wico P360+.
New old stock is old items that are never open so for the condition of the item they are considered “new”. But expect to may premium for NOS arcade parts.
If there are any NOS Wico parts left.


I was more referring to the buttons.


Focusattack.com has Happ buttons- I suggest iL concave buttons instead though.


I agree, but don’t buy the iL short stem concave buttons, no matter what you do. You are better off with iL short stem convex buttons or the iL long stem concave buttons.


are these ok http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/il-psl-l-cv/175-black-il-convex-pushbutton.html#/microswitch_force-50_gram_microswitch/pushbuttons-black ? and ill also look in the trading outlet for a p360 Also what does it mean by microswitch force which option do i select


That’s the right one. The microswitch force is what type of switch you want put in there. It affects the characteristics of the button. The 75 gram microswitch is a Cherry D44X, which is an authentic arcade switch that was used in cabinets way back when. Those are good for classic games, but can be too stiff for some people when playing fighting games that require rapid finger movements.

The 50 and 20 gram switches are Zippy brand. These are easier to press, but activate at a slightly farther distance than the Cherry ones. Honestly, for a modern fighting game, I’d recommend these over the Cherry brand since the 75 gram actuation force can cause some level of fatigue.

Rollie leaf switches are switches that do not have any bump or click to them, like Cherry MX Red or Black keyswitches. They are probably comparable to Sanwa switches, but I’ve never used them.

Steer clear of the 125 gram switches unless you want to use them as home/start/select.


Appreciate it and how much does a p360 usually go for and what should I be looking for when trying to purchase a wico-p360 what makes it different from the other p360 joysticks


and whats the diff between the suzo happ p360 and wico ps60? are they the same i might settle for the suzo happ because i cant find a wico anywhere