Looking For Arcade Sticks For PS3

I’m Looking For A New Arcade Stick For PS3 For Around $100, I’m Not Really Sure What To Get… I Saw This Soul Calibur 5 One For $80 It Seems Good…

Hello, let me be the first to say, welcome to SRK!

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re extremely stressed out about the holidays, hence why you neglected to read the stickies before posting.

That said, everything you’re thinking about is covered in this thread

Now then, the TL;DR of that thread is basically “Yes the Madcatz SCV Noir stick is great with great parts and it is excellent and noir button layout isn’t a big deal and many people like it”

I have a couple Madcatz sticks and absolutely adore them, but I personally dislike the noir layout.

It’s an EXCELLENT stick at an EXCELLENT price. You can read the thread I linked if you want more information than that.

hey now, stop hating on noir… :frowning:

noir works fine if you’re playing with just 6 button, but as we all know, 8 button is dick so the last two doesn’t really matter, and the first 6 are almost identical to the vewlix.

i learned to play on stick with noir, but im doge and only use 6. there’s no stick avaible for a better price than that i don’t think. it’s essentially as good as it gets. now, if you plan on dualmodding it i’d go with the 360 version and go with a cerberus, which is easy to do and i think its solderfree… ps3 ones are trickier, but if you want to play it on ps3 right out of the box, go with a ps3 one - you can get a ps360+ (a stand-alone PCB) that’s solder free aswell and it’ll work on it all

I believe I was VERY clear, that noir is fine, noir is great, madcatz sells noir cheap and many people (cough dej and itendoi cough) absolutely love noir also the difference between noir and vewlix is negligible, you should be able to swap between either layout with minimal impact.

I personally think noir, like 8 button, is dick.

Thank You Guys, I Look Forward To Buy The Stick :slight_smile:

EDIT:Just My Luck, It Got De-listed From The Mad Catz Store…2nd Time Something Similar Happened To Me, Well Any Suggestions?

Looks like they sold out of the SCV stick. Good news for madcatz, bad news for you, good news is they still have this

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