Looking for arcadehalls Europe

I live in The Netherlands.
Since we don’t have any arcades with Tird Strike here in Holland I am looking for arcades the UK, Belgium, Germany and France that have japanese Street Fighter III Thirde Strike machines so that I can plan weekend trips to these arcades with my friends who also play Third Strike.

If you know Arcades in the UK, Belgium, Germany or France please post about them and add as many info about them a you can. Info like the name of the place and the city and or adress and any other info you can think of.

Thank’s for helping out.

Hello there!

We have a place in Stockholm Sweden called Dragons Lair, in the basement you’ll find a head to head 3s-astro cab cabinet. And a ST arcade (not head2head tho), and also a MvC2 cabinet (we put in random games in that cab all the time). Well, the beauty of it is that playing on them is completly free, so you’ll only have to pay for food, the hotel and the trip; the gaming will be free!

Hope you come by. Just PM if interested!

Watch yourself (lit). An arcade in a basement? Great games, play for free? It could be like the nerdy version of Hostel…

Theres several arcades in London, but only 2 of them are really worth the effort.

Casino Arcade on tottemham court road, right outside Goodge Street underground station.
It has 3S, HSF2, ST, A3, CVS2, MVC2, KOF2002, KOF98, Tekken 5 DR, Rage of the Dragons, Martial Masters plus a quite a few shooters.

Trocedero Arcade on Leicester Square, gets new games in but often things get broken and not repaired for time. Anyway has Tekken 6, KOFXI, 3S, etc

Thanks guys, the ones in England will do since they also have ranbattles there.
I think I’m gonna check them out with some other dutch players this summer.

Dont think I’ll be coming to sweden annytime soon but thanks annyway. It’s nice that ya’ll get to play for free there. In Holland we are more than willing to pay but there is just not 1 single cabinet with third strike here. Damn pollitical bullshit putting arcades in the same catagory as casino’s. So the few snackbars that have a cabinet have sf2 with 4 buttons to play. You prolly think it’s broken. Nooo, it really has 4 buttons. And don’t get me started bot the stick and they expact you to pay 1 euro for it to. No respect for the game at all. I wonder who makes those cabinets…

But we have our own community of players regardless with players even skilled enough to beat Mymoza and Billy Kane so we not like Japanese but we do what we can with what we have.

wow free games in sweden! that is awesome! if im ever in sweden you can find me in the basement