Looking for artisan stick builder to make custom Happ stick -


here is what i am after - please read thoroughly, and if you are an artisan box builder, please read too. I am willing to build the stick myself if the box is nice enough to warrant me doing so.

I want something made of nice hardwood - not pine or cedar, but something nice like oak, maple, or cherry.

I want a nice stain with a very high gloss finish.

I also want it to use the PS3 Cthulu board - so I can use on PS3 or PC.

Button layout - viewlix layout - 4 buttons x2 rows -

Start and select buttons need to be put on the front side of the stick, not on the top panel. Recessed? all the better. I would like dimentions and layout similar to the SFIV TE, but I prefer rounded edges - I love having room for my hands and I am tall guy with big hands. I can negotiate on the edges, but I dont want a perfect square with sharp points or corners.

Rubber feet on the botton, clear bottom cover. The rest would be all wood, including the the top panel. No artwork at all!!!

Concave translucent buttons, cherry microswitches - standard happ black bat top stick.

I want a highly skilled builder - neat wiring, smooth edges, screw in Cthulu setup - I want this easy to remove parts change colors as I deem neccesary later on.

I prefer someone with a solid reputation, and great skills - If your work is artisan, name your price.

I am willing to actually build the stick myself, so if you can provide just the box fabbed with button, and stick mounting holes predrilled, post up, I would just as easily go this route as well.

Thanks -

hey you should check out the sticky in the main trading outlet

“If you want to buy a custom stick”

i think you will have a faster reply. good luck! :blush:

If you don’t find anything there, you can also check the “I should hang myself because I’m a failure who doesn’t have the time to spare on important stickies involving forum rules or any of that other communist mumbo jumbo. I just rented street fighter 4 and I need a custom stick pronto!” thread. It also has some useful resources.


All those mentioned in the sticky are either jap parts only (with the exception of Vol), or are not of the caliber craftmanship I am looking for.

You could easily think prior to speaking - there is no rule stating I cannot at least try - dur.

Anyhow, I am feeling spendy and looking for something high caliber over the $300 range. If no one responds, cant blame me for trying, can ya? Go crap someone elses thread, thanks -

BTW - you play SF4 with Happ? :lame:

If you are willing to pay $300+ I would PM some of the builders. I’m sure $100 more than a lot of them sell customs or boxes for might get their attention and bump you to the top of the queue. Obviously they wouldn’t want to mention that publicly in a thread in front of all the people already waiting but… money talks.

get VOL to make you a case. It’s worth the wait.

I love my VOLTECH. Even if my friend is currently using it. (it was either that or no stick and i had to hook a brotha up)

Bonebreak2000 (not sure if this is spelled right)

You would have to PM them for a slot. Usually you have to go directly to the stickbuilders. Those are some of the elite case/stick builders that if you bug them enough, you will may eventually get to build a stick for you.

Norris, Big Pockets, and Byrdo also make elite sticks, but you will be lucky if they are even in the mood to take your offer.