Looking for Artist for Carnage/Venom SE Template


I found some really incredible venom and carnage pictures by Nebezial and was wondering if anyone could take a shot at combining them into an SE stick art. In the minimum I am going to get one of them made into a stick, but love to have both in one stick. I have seen some beautiful stick art on this forum so I think Im in the right area.

I would really appreciate any help someone could give, and if no one wants to give it a shot its more than understood.





(looks around)

Ill try!!

You know, there might be a good place to post this…



Thanks :O)

Good to know, I just posted this over there as well ( Relatively knew to the forums).

i actually did this a while ago. ill post it when i get to work in the morning!


Great job, appreciate you taking a stab at it.

Wondering if you have any thoughts on getting something like that on an SE stick. My only concern is that stick most likely would be going through Venom’s head, but with Carnage I could probably get some clear buttons with the artwork.

I wish I had some knowledge at all with photoshop to do any of this… On that note I am not sure exactly what resolution/dpi I need to even get this looking good on a stick.

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All of these questions and more answered in the following threads:

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Hope that helps.

Man, they are awesome peices of artwork. If I have time in the next week or so I will have a go at doing a layout for you.

nice i love those pics

I appreciate it. Once I saw this artwork I knew I wanted it on my SE Stick.