Looking for Artist for Carnage/Venom SE Template

(I had posted this first in tech talk no knowing this forum existed. One person said they already will take a shot)


I found some really incredible venom and carnage pictures by Nebezial and was wondering if anyone could take a shot at combining them into an SE stick art. In the minimum I am going to get one of them made into a stick, but love to have both in one stick. I have seen some beautiful stick art on this forum so I think Im in the right area.

I would really appreciate any help someone could give, and if no one wants to give it a shot its more than understood.





Do you have a template for the se?

I am a noob when it comes to photoshop and sticks. I wish I could do something, but I might have used photoshop only a couple times in my entire life.

Shameless Bump

Just wanted to say that guys art is amazing! :amazed: