Looking for assistance(PSN only)

Basically, I’m a broke 17 year old, I want to get SSF4 AE to stay up to date with the members of my offline scene but most of them are XBL or have the disc version of SSF4 AE and can’t help me out, I can’t buy AE because I had to splurge all my $$$ to pay for my AP courses for school, so can any kind soul out there please gameshare SSF4 AE with me via PSN?

I’m begging :frowning:

My PSN is Jin-214C if you’d want to contact me over PSN, I’ll be checking SRK pretty often though. I don’t have much to offer really besides BlazBlue CS2 DLC unfortunately.

Many thanks in advance, Kawaii Desu~

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Not necessary

Also, there is a ps3 thread

There is? Sorry, I’m still fairly new to SRK’s forum. I haven’t really wandered out of the regional matchmaking thread until now. Thanks for heads up!

I think Quiche (lol) pointed out a long time ago that Gamesharing was not allowed on the forums.

Get a job, hippie…sharing is caring.

As someone who teaches AP classes, there are no fees until you take the actual exams.

This is a scam, get a job slacker or save up your lunch money for a week.

^ Sounds like a “thread closed” to me.

you seriously can’t afford 15 bucks?

So your trying to trade something that is $15, in exchange for something that was free?
(FYI: For those who don’t know, the BlazBlue CS2 DLC expansion was free, just not the characters)

Also, that username… WTF?!

This is no doubt a scam, or troll account.

I attend a growing Charter School in which all AP classes must be paid for at a fee of $140, I take 2 AP classes, AP World History, and AP Physics.

@Pozerwolf: I don’t quite see how my username constitutes a troll account… If you’d simply check the chicago thread , I have a bit of credibility there. And if you read my post clearly, I said DLC, never did I say the expansion for CS2 itself. Therefore your opening statement has no real clause.

I can understand where most of you all’s concern come from, I’m not oblivious to the things that go on online, that being said if it makes you all feel better, I’ll just be rid of the thread I guess…

It’s not that hard to set aside $15, even as an unemployed teen.

Mow a lawn. Set aside your lunch money and bring lunches from home. Babysit some kids. Babysit some dogs. Do people’s homework for them. Maybe suck someone’s dick, I dunno.

not enough credibility to ask for a $15 favor apparently