Looking for Astro City or New Astro City


Hi everyone,

Im new here but have been aware of Shoryuken for years. Always seems like the place for people in the know!

After years of playing with Mame and having various superguns, MVS boards etc, i have finally decided to do things proper and get myself a japanese arcade cab set-up
I have finally
Im looking to purchase an Astro City for home use. Ideally in good condition with only minimal refurb work required. Ideally to have 2P with 6 button set-up (although will consider other variants)

Im Uk based so Uk or europe locations are better. If anyone has any suggestions or advise, i’d be really grateful.

Looking forward to getting into a long term collection : )



Sorry for the double post guys! not the best of starts…


You might have better luck on the Arcade-Otaku forums (http://forum.arcadeotaku.com/).

If I’m not mistaken, the majority of users there are UK/EU-based, and I see plenty of Astro and NAC cabs being sold/traded there. I will admit that I’m totally jealous, because I don’t see that volume of transaction in my neck of the woods (Eastern Canada).

Good luck!


Cheers for the tip! Will check it out shortly, fingers crossed.