Looking for battery/ point character

Is there a place where i can find a list of point characters and their strengths/ weaknesses? If not who are some good point characters? For now ive been switching between Chun Li and She Hulk. Chun is kind of annoying for me because i dont like the kikoanken, i always get the timing wrong during a match. Same goes for She Hulk when I do my OTG torpedo -> emerald cannon. (im working on my execution skills) Currently the team I use is Chun/ She hulk, Sentinel, Wesker. Anywho., who are some good point/ battery characters besides those two?

Since no one answered: Zero, Viper, Spencer, Viewtiful Joe, X-23, Deadpool, Ryu, Spideman, Wolverine, Chris

Wesker makes for a fantastic battery, as does Vergil. Dante is also extremely good at building meter.

Dante Zero or Magneto…


Dante, Zero, and Doom all build stupid amounts of meter and can be backed up by just about any assists and work well.

Also, if you are going to put Sentinel second, give him a real assist.

ooh answers :smiley: thanks all :slight_smile: Ive swapped Chun/ SHulkie for Zero. Feels comfortable, and doesnt feel akward like thhe feeling I felt playing SHulk. Idk maybe im not used to grapplers. Anyway, Im going to test out all the characters you all have recommended and Ill let you know the results. Thanks again guys ^^

You either have sentinel with a relatively useless assist to him (wesker) and dark wesker gimmicks
Or you have wesker with Drones assist (which is mix-up land) with an anchor that has to pray for something to hit.

I’d go with the second one, but that’s just me, I guess.

If you aren’t super concerned about tiers look at Tron for a point battery. She’s really hard to get away from if you can apply pressure to someone and she is obviously a damage sponge as well. Tron does really well with good assists (and Sent/Wesker obviously have amazing assists) too since she is hard to get away from.
Give Tron a chance.