Looking for beginners to play with


im somewhat new to fighting games. gave SSF4 a shot like a year ago and gave up cause i wasn’t having much fun but recently decided to give it another go along with P4A and KOFXIII and actually just got my Qanba Q4 today so i am clearly going all in this time. but i would like to play people who are also shit at this game and if you got a mic thats a plus so we can help each other out as we play.

also if some of you vets want to train the shittiest ssf4ae player out there up and you got a mic im down for that too.

PSN: cartr1dgebased

if you want to add me for P4A or KOFXIII thats cool too. im bad at them as well but am really enjoying myself more this time so i feel like im going to stick with it