Looking for Beginners

Hi there,
started some days ago and wanted to play with people in my skill range to get used to the game.
Either reply here or add me on PSN. Playing Abel and Gief atm.

Check me out on PSN I play as Vega(claw), Fei Long, Crimson Viper, Ryu, and Rufus

hey when ever you want to spare again, just msg me on PSN

add me if you aren’t too wussy to take criticism… i criticize a lot (making my a somewhat hypocrite), but it should help bring notice to bad habits.

Sure, will do. I have switched from Gief to a bit of Gouken though and started playing with a Madcatz TE Fightstick; which means i can´t hit shit for now :stuck_out_tongue:
But i´ll get there. Cu online.

Add me
PSN: MariTrunks
Live: MariTrunksS

If you want to play against a terrible Fei Long, add me :rofl:
PSN: thearesfury

Im not awful but im certainly not great so maybe we could spar and learn a few things from each other =D i dual main cammy/dudley but im trying to learn Honda. got a new fightstick so i can actually learn charge characters now haha.

im always down for a fight though look me up PSN:Argatroph

My PSN is to the left. Sylari.

Would definitely be down for some games, I’m pretty damn bad and trying to learn a character I know nothing about while switching to a stick after months of using a pad to boot.

hokagesama1 and hoKAGErou both on PSN. Horrible Viper (making her my main once I learn to actually play), meh Abel (I’ll beat someone who’s never played before every time, but not too much better) and a realllllly annoying Ryu that’s also noobish. Just have a bunch of blockstrings and learning how the game engine actually works since I’m new to fighters.

Also play NHL10, and I’m wicked good at that :slight_smile: I’m friendly so just send me a msg telling me you’re from SRK and I’d be happy to play.

Add me. My psn is Buttcrackoe. Im really new and constantly getting my behind handed to me. I main Makoto and ive been trying to learn her for awile. shes difficult but i guess i gotta keep practicing. All you guys should add me because im sure the more experience we get, the better we will become…hopefully. lol

Im still learning a lot of things in the game, I’ll add you

Add me: Re-C13

I’m still looking for a main character since I have fun playing with everyone, but I’m still learning to get my reflexes and execution down with my cade stick.

You guys can add me if you like, I’ve been playing for about a month but I’m still a beginner (23% win ratio with 45 hours played). I main Cammy, but I also mess around with Sakura from time to time and might be trying to learn Guy. I also have a mic so I can talk and point out any obvious bad habits I might see.

add me aswell if you guys want, i just bought an arcade stick to step up my game. I main Claw and play a Guile,Hakan, and want to learn Abel

I’ve got you all beat with 3.23% win rate, 1-31 record, after 40 hours of play. You can all add me psn: WizardOfFate.

Add me Atrid, and Mr_Bagley

Too bad we got terrible connection… I think you should mention where you’re from, tenshoxx

Is this the new matchmaking section?

Sorry for not adding all of you so far,but I am not at home right now. Ill add you as soon as I am home. Ye maybe I should have added that I am based in Europe, more precisely in Germany. But it depends,most of the time I have a good connection, no matter where you are located. I have played with xtensive, who was from Canada and it was fine. So imho you have to test the connection individually. Nonetheless I will add everyone of you and I am looking forward to play you.