Looking for best American Balrog to play FT5 on live stream!



Hi guys,
We run a local stream here in Canada called twitch.tv/The_4th_Dimension
We run FT5 sets at Canada Cup HQ every week.
In preparation of the upcoming Canada Cup 2012 held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Oct.26 - 28, we are trying to get in as many of these FT5 sets as possible to level up our fellow Canadians.

To keep it short, im looking for the best American/Canadian Balrog who is willing to do a FT5 on a live stream.
Let me know who is up for it, thanks!!


You should contact PR Balrog for the best American Rog and JS Master for the best Canadian Rog. We are by no means amongst the best.


It might make sense to check out XBL. Lesser known Rogs are EZ5 REZ Z and GeoMonstah. I can vouch for EZ5, as I’ve played a lot of matches with him and personally i think he’s the best i’ve played. I’ve watched Geo a couple of times and played him in person, but not enough to have an opinion. He’s #1 on XBL (Geo) and might also be someone to consider.


i did contact PR Balrog but he said he doesnt really play online (or would prefer not to).
JS Master would be a good one. good point, i’ll try to get a hold of him.

thanks, i’ll also contact EZ5 and Geo.
I’ll let you guys know when and if it goes down :smiley: