Looking for best American Seth to play FT5 on live stream!



Hi guys,
We run a local stream here in Canada called twitch.tv/The_4th_Dimension
We run FT5 sets at Canada Cup HQ every week.
In preparation of the upcoming Canada Cup 2012 held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Oct.26 - 28, we are trying to get in as many of these FT5 sets as possible to level up our fellow Canadians. Poongko is attending CanadaCup 2012 so that’s who we are training for.

To keep it short, im looking for the best American/Canadian Seth who is willing to do a FT5 on a live stream.
Let me know who is up for it, thanks!!


Your best bet is to get a hold of OnlineTony. Unless someone has dethroned him, I believe he’s still the best in the US.

United Seths of America


yeah nobody here is on tony’s level as far as I know


I think onlinetony is pretty much undisputedly the best seth in the us of a, another really good seth is zeniside (who i think is canadian).


Yeah OnlineTony is really the only US Seth to actually be seen at a tournament (and not be randomed out)


Speaking of streaming, I just got a new badass rig (PC). I’ll probably start streaming some games/shit online once I move into my new place at the end of September.


I’d like to do this.


sup Nikko, sorry just saw your post now. can you PM me your email so we can co-ordinate?