Looking for BLITZFU


He used to be such a regular member on the forum, and now he hasn’t been heard from in almost 3 weeks? Does anyone know what happened to the guy?


The aliens.



LOL, I can’t believe you started a thread for this?!? Just PM blitzfu!

PSN such a loving community! Heh


yea psn we tight :cool:


ya for real, what the hell happened to him :frowning:


I’m curious too. Hopefully, he’s training by a waterfall and is planning to surprise folks at Evo or something.


If dbostick is right we must build a ship and get him back.


I just checked PSN, and his last sign on was 32 days ago. My theory, he doesn’t want anybody learning his style until EVO is over hahaha…

I hope the dude’s alright. One of the friendliest and best SF2 fighters SRK has to offer.


was wondering where he was as well…

haven’t seen him online in awhile, granted I haven’t really been on either.

been messing with BB, it’s cool, but miss HDR.

looking forward to getting my ass handed to me by the “no honor crew”. :xeye: :china:


Well that’s the thing, I could PM him, but he hasn’t been around for a long ass time, so I doubt he would answer my PM. That is why I made a thread about it, hoping someone had already heard from him? Or perhaps even knows if he’s alright? Doesn’t seem right for a guy to just disappear all of a sudden, ya know?


Maybe he just became burned out.


I was thinking along the lines of saving him the next time they get me and then commandeering the UFO back to his house and right on HDR. :nunchuck::china::rofl:


Mods please rename thread “Dear blitzfu: 10 reasons why i <3 u”

or “blitzfu i miss u plz come back Q_Q”


Too nice of a guy to leave us hanging without a word. He was organizing a tourney to take place on June 12th, so that is why the absence is so apparent and abrupt. I believe he was from Ottawa, Ontario, and the last appearance was around June 10th.


Well the weirder thing is, if you look at his SRK profile, it says his last activity was July 2nd.



I hope blitz does this next time…



LOL. That part in the shower where he gets hit was funny


He’s bailed out on tournies before this, too.


man blitzfu’s name was the only one on psn that instilled the fear of god in me in hdr

his ken is STRGHT RPE and sometimes he would pick dictator too just for shits and gigglez (the rape would be worse)


Yeah, he was crazy with Sim too…it was like training mode lol. All I could do is hold block and wait till I was dead