Looking for Challenges on Tekken 6, BlazBlue, & Dead or Alive 4!

I only have three fighting games as of now and I plan to get more in the future, but I have problems finding opponents for the games I listed. For BlazBlue I’m referring to Calamity Trigger, although I know that everyone has basically moved on to Continuem Shift, I have not yet bought it yet as money is tight right now. As a matter of fact I am about to lose my Xbox LIVE Gold membership as well… But, nevertheless I am always still constantly searching for friends and sparring partners on these old games as well as the new ones I plan to get sometime soon. If you’re interested my gamer tag is: Vergil Talbain. It’s spelled exactly like that with the space and capital letters, I would love to find players in Texas but other locations are okay in my book too! Looking for some friend request on Xbox LIVE or even some replies to this post!! :slight_smile:

Vergil Talbain

Add me, Paxheat I’m on tekken and street fighter