Looking for Character specific synergy


So way back when I got the game, I really had no idea what team I was going to use. Stick with my old, or find a new one? After a few days of playing, I finally nailed my team (as you can see in my sig) and cleverly named them Team Trenchcoat. Ha! I said to myself. How unique I am!

And then I go and find out that EVERY ONE USES THE TRENCHCOATS.

at least one of em is on every team. Now I don’t know about you guys, but I have two values for picking teams. Characters I like, and being a little original. So seeing everyone with the same team, I’d rather be a little different. I am nowhere near a tier whore.

So I’ve decided to take the Marlinpie approach. Build a team focused on making your main character extremely good. So for me, I’m aiming for three teams built around Dante, Vergil, and Wesker respectively.

Seeing how I’ve only been playing MVC since 3 came out, I still dont have quite a grasp on synergy. What I’m asking is for a list of characters that Dante, Vergil, and Wesker individually benefit off of. My skill level is limited, so advanced things like magnus and Cviper stuff is out of my reach for now. If you guys want I can list characters I am familiar with.


Dante, Vergil, and Wesker benefit off of Dante, Vergil, and Wesker.


I am completely aware. But the point of this thread is to find others.


you wanna be different but your anchor on each team is going to be a dante/wesker/virgil? how is that being different? Every team I play against has one of the 3 mentioned.


Being different to be different is the problem you have.

Sorry, but that’s just not really a tactic you want to have. I mean, if you’re hellbound on this, then go right ahead but it’s not benefiting you. Who cares what everyone else uses? Use the same team but be better at it. Look at MvC2; 6 or 7 viable teams, but those teams became associated with players because they mastered them - I don’t think Clock came up with the *idea *for Strider/Doom (I remember hearing him say Valle, but that might be my bad memory), but he sure as hell perfected it. MSP is everywhere, but Yipes still fucks fools up using “what everyone knows”.

EDIT: If you must, Dante benefits generally from anything that gives him a ton of breathing room for mixups or something gives him loads of blockstun. Look at Amaterasu’s Cold Star assist. Leaves them in block stun for ages to apply mixups and pressure. Ammy requires some execution, but nothing that a decent Dante player shouldn’t be able to do.
Vergil loves vertical assists because he can already cover 1/2 the screen with normals and teleports - Strider’s Vajra or Doom’s missiles would help. Strider isn’t incredibly hard to play, just sort of weak right now, and Doom is total derp for execution.
Wesker? Just pick a character and GO (shopping cart)


Nemesis has a trenchoat too.

Also I find it mildly hilarious that you thought either Wesker, Dante, or Vergil wouldn’t be heavily used.


And it’s tailor made with goofy sleeves and such. Dude’s been pimpin that shit since the 90s, the twins and Wesker jacked his style clearly.


I lol’d.

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You can explore each character’s sub-forum, and see what characters assists each character individually.

Here, I’ll help you out.

Vergil - Team Building Thread.

Dante - Team Building Thread.

Wesker - Team Building Thread.

Good luck.


I second that. IMO Dante is the most overused character I see online. Locally not as much because people refrain from playing fanboy teams.

If I remember correctly, Dante was THE MOST used character in vanilla MvC3 according to Eventhubs. From what I can figure, Vergil has to be running a close second. As far as Wesker goes, he’ll always be popular due to the fact that even if someone doesn’t care for Resident Evil, he’s just an overall great character to have on a team.

Quite literally, almost 8/10 teams I play against on a daily basis have some form of composition like Dante/Vergil/???.

I can understand why people use the DMC characters so much, because the franchise is friggin’ epic. But the fact of the matter is the demographic of Dante players is (even nowadays now that they made many of his cancels easier with the exception of Bold Move) that most players play him just to play him and know little to nothing about him. There are those exceptions, as many people I’ve played have exceptional skill with the twins. But chances are at any given moment when I land a ranked match I know I’ll be fighting the Twins most of the time.

Sorry if I went on a bit of a rant.


This is also very very true. Then again, UMvC3 (with all due respect) has a lot more options for synergy and team diversity due to every character bringing their own individual strengths and supports to the team. In Marvel 2 this wasn’t as evident, because you could always manage well if you had a team comprised of Storm, Magnus, Strider, Doom, Cable, etc…


Dante was the most popular online character for vanilla MVC3 statistically. I am almost 90% sure that online for UMVC3 top 3 most used characters are Dante, Wesker and Vergil.

Team trenchcoat actually has a lot of synergy. Also I think Wesker/Dante/Strider and Vergil/Dante/Strider (team swordmasters) are good too synergy wise.

I will say that if you want to maximize around Vergil you probably need to have an OTG assist like Wesker that doubles as unblockables and a horizontal projectile assist like Magneto/Iron Man/Doom/Hawkeye/Taskmaster. To maximize Wesker… you need a horizontal projectile assist and an assist that covers the space that Wesker can’t like Vajra so Wesker/Doom/Strider is definitely a team I consider that plays to Wesker’s strength. Dante is good enough to be on any team… I seriously think that Dante is BFFs with every character in the game.


Play Hulk/MODOK/Dante.


I know, I’m just trying to make a point that it really doesn’t matter if you pick a team that other people pick, because you can perform better than the others if you really care.

EDIT: I have a better way of wording that I guess - If he likes those characters, he shouldn’t feel necessary to be a low-tier hero or “different”. Because, if he’s different, he’s playing a MODOK, Hulk, Hsien-ko, or Arthur team.


1 - Play the character by itself.
2 - Get stomped.
3 - Ask yourself “damn how did i get stomped” or “why did i not stomp that guy harder”. The answer is usually a lack of something. Lack of a space control assist, lack of damage, lack of meter, etc.
4 - Go through the character list and find someone who remedies that
5 - Explore other possibilities and flesh out every combination you try
6 - Become Combofiend


Wesker is a bad team mate for the twins, I just don’t like it at all.
You virtually leave the team with no horizontal cover for Dante (since he is the only one with an assist thatt’s good for that, because Vergil’s work only in the corner)
And that also means you cant play Dante on point since you need him to cover you, and I believe Dante is at its best as a point character,

I use the twins with Doom, cause that leaves me free to use Dante’s OTG assist (since I already have an amazing horizontal cover) for Vergil’s combos, and it also allows me to use Dante on point, since Vergil would still be really strong with an assist like that for resets and Devil Trigger Pressure if Dante dies.
I also found lots of synergy between them in that order (Dante first, Vergil second).
I can use a very simple combo that build one meter and then DHC to Vergil for around 930k
Also Vergil’s assist extends Dante’s combos in the corner.
That means I have a gameplan, which is to deliver if possible a TOD to my opponents point characters (or get as close as I can), and then have vergil with Dante’s OTG assist, Doom’s horizontal cover, and X-Factor kill the two members left.

I mention X-Factor because Ive come to realize that if you use the twins on the same team, your gameplan is to not let them get passed them.
their aggressive playstyle is very effective, and momentum based, so I suggest everybody uses guard cancels constantly to gain that momentum back.

Oh well…

I guess I just mean… who the fuck cares is everyone else plays them, most of them suck…
exploring these characters is really really fun
You can be a little different if you actually play the twins at a high level…, but that’s a good challenge, hopefully you’re up for it


There is a new stickied thread dedicated to these type of questions at the top of the forum. Please feel free to continue the discussion there. Thread closed.