Looking for Coach (XBOX 360)

I was wondering if anyone on XBOX Live, would be willing to help a noob to the genre out. while i guess im “competent”, i really REALLY need to improve and im not seeing the desired results my self. The games i have are MvC3, U.MvC3 and SSFIV. If you want to help me out it’d be MUCH MUCH appreciated and i would be in your debt :PIf you’re interested please add EarthwormMatt on XBL :slight_smile:

PS: i dont have an arcade stick of a Fightpad, i am how ever ordering one tonight and should be in my possesion soon, until then im stuck with the regular 360 remote.

Please use the online outlets section for finding other players on XBL.


Check out this thread for reviews on sticks/pads.