Looking for Coachella Valley Players

As the title says. I live in Palm Springs and would really like to meet other players locally, perhaps that are in Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Desert, etc. Hopefully there are some other players here, since there isn’t too many other options without driving at least 90min or more away. I play AE2012, SFxT, KoF13, and a little bit of Third Strike. Apologies if there’s another thread that I didn’t catch… Literally just made the account to meet new people that actually play fighters around here.

[LEFT]Polite bump.[/LEFT]

There isn’t bro I was gonna make one. I’m in coachella and know a few players here. Also in desert oasis comics there’s gonna be fighnights at 4 :slight_smile: so fucking stoooked!

That new comic book store I hear that just opened up? My friends tried getting me to go there but I’m not into comics really, but if you aren’t lying about those fight nights I’m definitely interested. 4 means what specifically?

This thing didn’t alert me at all. My friend went to it at 4 on Friday it got cancelled or something but they still played for fun. Its better than playing online. Who do you use in sfxt?

Oh, well I’ll call the place and see when they do it again. I use Asuka/Steve but looking for an alt team. You can add me on PSN pretty much exact same name.

I play on xbox but my friends play on ps3. We are playing tonight so ill give him your psn. I think he plays heihachi/howorang. I play bob/law and hugo/zanginight. And I think its biweekly at the comic shop. Hit up their facebook page and there’s a group there too called Coachella Valley “fight nights”

That’s cool man hopefully we get some decent games going. I’ll look that stuff up soon, thanks and hopefully I’ll see you at the next one!

Hope you have a dual modded stick. :slight_smile:

Never played with a stick. I have a PS3 fightpad and a Xbox one though(little busted).

Whaat! How do you play 3rd strike on pad. You should get one it will change your life.

I tried for a few months but couldn’t get use to it.