Looking for competition and players in and around Birmingham, UK

I play:

SF3:3s - Dreamcast
MVC2 - Dreamcast
CvS2 - PS2
SC4 - PS3
T5 - PS2
KOF 98/2k2 - DC/PS2
Fatal Fury MOTW - DC
SSF2/SF2 - Bunch of platforms.
Guilty Gear (All versions) - DC, PS2

Probably some more. My main interests are CvS2, SF3s, and KOF. You can bet on me wanting to compete at SF4 and KOF12 on release, too.

Anyway, if you live in or are regularly around Birmingham, let me know.

We’ll play you brotha. Come down. Get on NE-- ELEMENTS, SINITY, CHUNKIS, ZAK… INTI, FIREBUG… we are the real UK ARCADE players…

more to come.

Edit: I can play a bit of Marvel, every now and again. FOOTAGE COMING THIS CHRISTMAS!

I go birmingham occasionally and am up for meeting, only play SF2/4 though, PM if you wan’

hey man…the birmingham scene is pretty active right now! check out http://electronicdojo.co.uk/news/
be sure to check out the forums for when the nest meet will be, and to introduce yourself to the rest of the brum scene. see you soon!