Looking for custom arcade stick builder


What I would want is for somebody to create a stick for me with all Happ competition parts and I could just send you what artwork I wanted on top also what color scheme I was going for…If there are still custom builders around give me a price shipped…sorry if there is dedicated threads to this but I searched for builder sites and most I found were no longer there…any help or direction would be great, thank you…
I was really considering building my own stick, but if the price is right I’ll just have someone do the dirty work. :slight_smile: I noticed that the solderless hack webpage is no longer in service, does anybdoy know what PCB’s I’d search for if it came down to me actually having to create my own stick?


I could understand not seeing the custom stick builders when their threads are off of page one, but dude, the two topics directly below this one are koi’s and finkle’s

I mean come on! at least TRY to find them first


sweet my bad i dunno how i missed that im retarded thanks tho still in a tossup between building/buying…i found a ps2 DS -H i think and I just opened it up and it looks like the solderless PCB I had saw before, only Issue I have now is the wire leading out to the ps2 is cut off…i dont have the connector…would it be possible to take that wire out of the ps2 DS and replace it with a different ps2 DS wire that’s not the solderless one? I wished I was smarter when it came to this stuff…