Looking for custom stick (also WTS WoW BC (limited))

I’m not supposed to put up one of these threads (and if MMDS finds it against the rules, go ahead and close it).
If anyone has a use Finkle/Byrdo/etc stick they’re looking to get rid of, send me a pm. Missed my chance at a couple recently and unfortunately most makers are backed up in orders and I’m looking for it before Evo.
Drop me a pm.

And if anyone is interested I still have an unopenened copy of Burning Crusade: limited edition which I’m looking to get rid of for like ~40-50$ +shipping.

Bumping just in case.

not to bust ur sales or anything :P, but i believe u can grab burning crusade at a store for like 30 something maybe close to 40…so to sell BC u might wanna take the price down, especially when u have to pay for shipping too :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, it’s a secondary objection of this thread. Plus note how it’s the Limited Edition. Unless those have also dropped. I wouldn’t know :sweat:

err, in terms of currency, it IS about $40… he’s in Canada.