Looking for Daigo parry gif

Does anyone have a gif of Daigo’s insane parry at Evo 2k4?

I am kinda surprised no one’s re-created that scene with the gifs that are out there…

You’re kidding right?

See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein See Adam Epstein

…and those are just the ones I made.


I meant with SF3 sprites, ya jackass… :rofl: I think srt4mike and I are both thinking of a full- recreation, not spoofs based off of it.

That popeye spoof was top tier :tup:

hey quiche, can i have that pop eye parry avatar?


^^ Wow!!! Nice work :tup:

Thanks! You are the man!!

sorry, no.


That is pretty cool… But I still challenge someone to take SFIII:3S sprites and recreate that moment in a gif animation.

Hell, with the way that one dude made those MKvsSF flash cartoons, I’m sure someone would be able to do it, eh?