Looking for decent iPhone compatable headphones

So these headphones I got with the iPhone are balls. It’s been three months and already one headphone has died. I’m not sure whether headphones fall under the iPhone warrenty, I doubt they do, but either way I’m thinking of picking up a decent pair which will do me better.

My current gripes with these headphones:

Poor build quality
Too loud (everyone’s mum can hear me watching porn)

I’m looking for:

Good sound quality headphones
Ear protectant (quite, so no-one’s mum can hear me watch porn)
Speaker phone compatable
Button control compatable

Basically I’m looking for some which are fully compatable with the iPhone 3GS. If anyone has any reccomendations, or anywhere to check out, let me know!

well personally i would tell you to check
A- Apple’s Webiste
B- Skullcandy earphones work with them well but i forgot if they had iphone control

Airdrives on Apple Store, different , let you hear your surrondings and interact with other in office, home, jogging .