Looking for DeeJay players

Hey Guys i’m new to this site but not new to fighting games or other sites.

I’m looking for Deejay players to add me so I can learn new tricks for him and possibly share some in action. I’m on xbox and my tag is “pig of the hut”

My roster currently is Guile, Blanka and Dee Jay recently added. I find Deejay incredibly fun to use and frustrating. I know just because he’s a charge character people try to play him like Guile but I find his offensive a little more versatile (expecting flames here :slight_smile: I like his easy-to-do EX MCG to Ultras as well as quick pokes to throws which helps the fact he doesnt have an OH :frowning:

Anyway add me and destroy me - looking forward to getting better and learning

no flame here. DeeJay’s offense is more versatile.

Add me if you like, I play late night if you’re up after 9pm PST. Never underestimate the rhythm :cool:

add me but my xbox live list is full. send me a message

add me

Perfect, hope this isn’t an old thread. I been doing really well in tournaments with DeeJay as my new main.


Just frequest/message and then invite to game whenever.

just send me a message on xbl cuz my list is full and ill add you.


Do we have to not suck?

It wasn’t said, but it’s often implied. So I figure it’s best to just ask straight up.

I’de love to play!

I’m not that great, but I would love to play some more Dee Jay players to help with my skills. just send me a message on xbox live: meta pwner (and btw this is my first post so if I’m doing something wrong please tell me :sweat: )