Looking for Dhalsim Combo Videos

Hiya, I was looking for a Dhalsim combo video, giving out some of his punishers, BNB and other tactics.
I tried google and didnt come up with much any links would be superb! Thanks.


I’m going to guess you’re talking about sf4 since you didn’t state the game…

Dhalsim section of sf4 will have a list of all the combos you need.

But for your viewing pleasure:

then go here:

Are you looking for “flashy” combos? The first page of google search results has a couple. I don’t think there won’t be much variety from those vids cause SF4 isn’t really designed to be a flashy combo game unlike Guilty Gear.

For high level match vids, check here:http://streetfighterdojo.com/sf4/
A lot of them will contain Sim’s combos, punishes and all that jazz.

Does anybody else find the irony?