Looking for different buttons or mod for Sanwa OBSF-30 for loud "click" sound/feedback

As most of you know, the microswitches of the “Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y” arcade stick (not the buttons!) inside the MadCatz SFIV FightStick Tournament Edition are very responsive, and make a clear “click” sound when activated. Also, you “feel” the resistance when you activate/push the microswitch.
For me personally, it would be great if the same characteristics could be applied to the buttons, too.

My question:

Are there buttons (yes, buttons, not the stick) that are similar in this regard, with a harder resistance and “click” sound ? Also, they should be of a certain quality similar to Sanwa.

Do you know any buttons that have these features (click sound, harder resistance/feedback) or any way to mod the internal microswitches of the “Sanwa OBSF-30” Buttons ? (btw, I know slagcoin.com but I did not find these specific characteristics described on other buttons, for example Seimatsu)

The diameter can be flexible (30 mm or less) as I want to change the top panel anyway.

Thanks for reading.


Sanwa OBSA-30/OBSB-30:



Only place I know to sell them is akihabarashop.jp

If you want super clicky, you can do the mod RoboKrikit did to them:

Since you already have buttons, you can order the OBS-1-M switch assemblies by themselves. Plan on doing the mod if you don’t like them very stiff.

Yes, RG buttons are a bit stiffer and actually have a ‘click’ they make.

RG use magnet.

@ Nerrage & Robokrit. thanks alot for the detailed robokrit tutorial. Exactly what I searched for, especially great since it works with Sanwa 24 mm.

@ masturfader & jdm714: You think the obsf 30RG have directly the “click” behaviour without any modification? So if I would be “too lazy” for the above Robocrit mod I could just buy these or the internal omron microswitches respectively (I heard there are omrons inside the obsf-30RG)?