Looking for direction....dump


I know many of these are sketches, but i would love it if anyone could give feedback as to what might be portfolio worthy…or at least heading in the right direction.
I just feel like i don’t know where i’m going in an artistic sense. and i would love feed back from people.
I’m really trying to do something with my art this year.
here’s a bunch of crap.




















All of them.
I don’t know much about Portfolios but they’re all excellent Imo.


I dont know anything about art but I would put this one in my house.


That depends, what are you making a portfolio for? There’s really no such thing as an all-rounded portfolio. If you’re applying for a concept art job for example, no one will want to see your life drawings.


From these for a portfolio I’d leave out the Master Chief with line drawings one. In picks would include the marriage one, Penguin one, guy warely looking left, & Bison.


If it’s a fine art portfolio, leave all the sketches out unless it’s to demonstrate your ability to draw from real life. Also, leave all the gaming related stuff out unless its to make a statement or turn a convention on its head (like Teddy Akuma! Aw!). Artsy-fartsy types can be prudish like that.

With an illustrator’s portfolio, it’s best to show your ability to tell story through visuals. It varies based on type of job - newspapers/magazines would look for editorial style stuff while a greeting card company may need stories that are more whimsical.

If its visual development such as character design, I know from experience that places look almost exclusively for design elements. Characters, backgrounds, weapon/items…if it’s something that would exist in a fictional world, you should be working on it. This realm breaks further down, with some being better at one aspect than another, but they still want to see what you’re capable of concepting.

A nice tip I learned from Insomniac Games is your portfolio also should cater the company in style. Sending space marine and zombie turnarounds to Nickelodeon is about as useful as Bungie getting samples of cute anthropomorphic characters. So know who you are and what you do, find places and projects that need it, and send the samples that best communicate your common ground!


you have a nice style going here. i like how you go from pencils straight to colors. reminds me a lot of leinil yu when he was doing the new avengers and some of roberto de la torre’s work.

i honestly think your pencils are your strongest skill. keep it up!