Looking for doom corpse wall

I remember in doom or doom2 there was this texture of a wall of faces, I’m looking to use that as a new template for my fighstick, I’ve tried googling with less luck.


It’s at the beginning you can see the rotating wall of tortured faces.

The one you are looking for isn’t high enough resolution to use for printing,
BUT… there is another similar doom texture that personally, I find better. And it’s Hi-Res to boot.


dude where did you find this?! I still want the other one though… but this is sick as well!

The reason I didn’t give you the other one is because it is VERY low resolution.
So much so, that it is unusable. If you still want it though…


This is the ACTUAL texture from the game, I ripped it myself
you have to keep in mind the game is from the early 90’s and most home PCs couldn’t handle-hi res textures.

this seamlessly tiles however, so you can create a hi-res, tiled version.