Looking for e honda help on psn

whats going on… i am looking for some help my honda is decent. I am still i guess you can say new to the game… I can do all of the honda combos and have about 1,200 pp. I am looking for someone to help me get better before my first local tournament in january. hope to hear from you guys soon add me on psn balboa1610

Do you want to practice the Honda vs Honda match up? It’s probably not something you’re going to face often in tourneys. Personally, I’ve been to pretty big tournaments and I’m usually the only Honda. You should try out the other forums to get practice on the really bad match ups, like Guile, Sim and Seth.

well i would like your help. one of the ways i get in is by jumping in which is not the best way. So if you could add me on psn balboa1610 it would be appreciated

I can’t seem to find a proper matchmaking thread in the Honda section so I’m just gonna post here.

I’m a UK Makoto player looking to fight Honda on PSN. Any takers? It’s a match I don’t have much experience with so I’d consider it a learning experience getting pummelled.