Looking for east coast balrogs

Trying to level up my defense against good rog players, i play sagat, rufus, and abel, but i main sagat

PSN: pjj5001

you can add me if you want im average

will do

I would say I’m avg…quite aggressive aswell (to the point of recklessness I’ve been told) but if I’m eating a lot of dmg I change gears…add me if you like, LF to playing you.

  • Kryptoknife

Add me if you want some games v. my Rog. It’s gotten pretty serious in the last few weeks.

I’m east coast (midwest technically) now, and I am quite solid.
Sagat vs Rog is always a nice match to practice for me anyways.



Europe player here, but will have 3-4 bar connection with some east coast players.
If you’re on at funny times, add me, i might just be online when none of your EC buddies are :slight_smile:

you can add me, but i am not on psn a lot, mainly on 360.

i have a lot of matchup against a good abel so we could probably get some good matches.

i’m always looking to face good sagats too because he’s the toughest matchup for rog.

i think i already added you from a while back but you never responded

well i tried to play you last night and got no response back from you.

doubt i’ll hop back on psn any time soon cause sf4 on there is a joke compred to live, but if you see me on send an invite some time.

rushdown balrog :stuck_out_tongue:





Auburn, AL

Balrog is my main, and psychological warfare is my game.

My rog is getting better. From New York. kornstew psn , TLG kornstew 360. Check out some of my rog action on my youtube page com/kornstew He’s not my main, but I have been playing him a lot lately.

I’m a rog player also. Add me psn :maoiii

Akuma player here. instead of making a new thread, i feel like bumping this up and get more info. Im also looking for rog players on the east coast. I already got a couple of rogs on my list but I need some more.

psn: Wild_X_187

I am a Balrog player from the East Coast. New York.

I’m an EC Boxer player, I live in NC but will be in NY for a week so that could either be good or bad for our connection. Also I’m interested in getting some practice against Abel anyways.