Looking for easy combo characters

So my main is Rufus. Rufus’ BnB is a one frame link which took me a while to get it to come out consistently.

Then I tried Balrog - his cr.lp, cr. lp, cr. lk -> headbutt, it’s almost ridiculous how easy it is to do compared to Rufus. Four frame link if I’m not mistaken. Nice!

Anyway now that I got a taste of easy combos I’m looking for more! What other characters have easy link combos. Supported with frame data or just personal experience is great

From my personal experience, I think Ryu and Ken both have easy link combos. I’m not a frame data person, although I can just grab my strategy guide right now and tell you but I don’t feel like doing that right now, lol. But whenever I feel like performing easy combos, I just go with Ryu. He’s got a lot of different combos that are easy as cake to link.

Ken’s combos are easy to link too but you have to get used to 'em 'cause they’re a little bit more strict than Ryu’s links.

Ryu has some 1 framers

I’m just forcing myself to learn them, it’s such a great feeling when I pull them off.

Try playing ken, he has a target combo.

The answer is always Ryu…

Boo they moved this to the newbie dojo. This isn’t a newbie question!

Anyway thanks for responses. Anyone got any non-shoto char link combos?

He’s a bloody combo machine! Oh right, this isn’t WW. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, Seth has some sick looking stuff, mix-ups, resets and easy combos. Just try not to get hit, obviously.
After him, Ryu, Akuma, Ken, Chun (her legs to legs to Ultra, Super, whatever is wicked.
Ryu and Boxer are the easiest to pull off though

I wouldn’t be surprised if Akuma could link his teleport into raging demon.

What? That’s sarcasm right? Akuma has great combo’s, it feels great when you finally can finish off his BnB with FADC red fireball.

ryu has easy combos, everything combos with him =/

fix’d. I agree with Ryu, but Rufus is just as bad IMO.

Easy combo is pretty subjective. I suck at everything ryu but i find plinking easy so i play rufus since i like his bnb

BNB to ultra in the corner=win button.

EX Messiah=win button.

Seriously. lol.

dont miss your 1 frame BNB link wit rufus.

Seth might be a good character to pick up at first, his combos are very flashy and easy as hell. Dont worry about one frame links especially since your probably playing online? everyone who always hits there one frame links online is using turbo, period.

Wriyou or Wroophus

As others have said, Ryu is the stand out “hi, my everything links to my everything” character.

Cammy is also mad fun to mess around with in training mode, I think. Not quite as easy as Ryu, but you might find her fun.

I don’t really find Zangief’s bnbs hard either. c.lk, x N, ex palm or c.lp x n, s.lk, ex palm.

Or has played it so much that they know the timing to getting it. :confused:

Not defending anything, just saying. Still agree the majority probably use Turbo, though.

I don’t use turbo but can hit his one frame link. I’m using an MAS Systems stick and it don’t have turbo :(. Does turbo help with links?

i disagree.

i think the majority of online players DONT use turbo.

turbo ends up screwing you up

Are you chaining or linking Balrog’s combo(the 2 C.LP at the start). Chaining = harder timing but super safe blockstring since the timing changes as you go from chain to link. Linking = easy timing but super vulnerable block string, as in against good players your whole “training room working combo” becomes pointless.