Looking for Eugene tekken 5, mvc2, or fighting games

Im new to eugene and havent found any good fighting games around or players at that so post or message me if your from eugene or the surrounding areas

How many times have we seen Looking for fighters in Insert bum fuck area in oregon “HERE”? Tired of these threads. Here’s the answer NOOOOOOOOOO! the answer will always be NOOOOOOOOO! If you ask if you can win at life the answer will be NOOOOOOOOOO!

Damn i feel better now!

Ok thats good cause i guess ill start to put it on the map and start rep’n eugene and Cen Cal

my friend mackinzie will be moving to eugene soon(ish) hes got a gnarly makoto in 3s and a formidable asuka in t5…

ok cool well i havent found a 3s machine or tekken dr machine here yet but im looking and i have a pretty good Wang thanks to some of my friends from Cen Cali and Nor cali

Come up to Corvallis and play DR with me!

If you wanna get crushed in marvel, you can post up a time to meet at the tilt and I can hook that up for you.

come rep your tekken skills at our tourny in ptown…

oh yeah btw it’s only 20 dollars to ride the greyhound from eugene to portland than it’s only like 7 blocks and a train ride away from tilt >.> cheaper than gas…