Looking for Euro players. Assemble!


Really getting tired of playing red connections against American and Japanese players especially since I’m still a novice and want to play some serious matches against people.

Would love to play anyone really. Mainly to get me to level up as playing crappy connections really doesn’t help anyone get better.

PSN: indico
Location: Netherlands


No one huh? I suspected as much, doesn’t seem to be much Euro activity in this section.


I’m in Yurope, but I’m not touching online with people other than in my country untill the patch drops.


Don’t you know the netherlands community scene site? You should definetely check out for players in there
I’ll also move to the netherlands next month for a month or two, I’ll tell where i’ll live so maybe playing irl will be a chance : )


MD Stranger

Location: England

Be warned my connection ain’t fantastic