Looking for Evo DVDs

Looking for complete sets to buy. Everything up to 2007

buy a premium account you get them :nunchuck:

Buy an account where? and what exactly do you get, all the DVDs? or just the 2007 ones?

But one here, under your user CP.

But what exactly do you get with buying the account? i don’t see a promotion anywhere that says you get any dvds.


Im interested too any1 can please confirm?

You don’t get the dvd’s themselves. You get access to a place where you can download them.

Freaking cool.
Im buying a premium account !

does anybody know what exactly you get access to? is it all EVO DVDs up to 2007? is it just portions of EVO or the entire competition (all games, all tournaments). What years are covered? I just dont want to buy a premium account & find that its only certain movies I can easily find on youtube. Also, is it free to download once you get the premium account?

A month of premium is like $3; buy it and find out, not a big risk if you end up disappointed. I don’t know how much you make per hour, but chances are you’ve already wasted the equivalent of that by posting in & checking on this thread.

I just got a premium account , what now?

EDIT: Nevermind I just got access to it

awesome stuff, I think Im gonna buy a complete year subscription

Can you let us know what exactly do you get?

you get access to a place where you can download the dvd’s

Rips or ISOs? Not like it really matters to me since I have the DVDs already. I just want to know what Premium offers.

I guess it is ISO because im downloading a bunch of rars

Got my answer :slight_smile:

are they iso files or just one big avi file?


Quick question:

Which years are for download?

Thank you.