Looking For EVO Roommates! Staying at the Rio


It was my first EVO last year and I had a blast so I am definitely going back this year. My 2 roommates from last year cannot make it this year (/cry) so I am looking for other people to fill in their spot. It will be the 2 queen beds room. I already have 2 of my local friends coming with me so we are currently looking for 1 more roommate.

Last year 1 person bailed out on me at the last minute (on Thursday night!) so this year to make sure I don’t have to pay extra for people who bail out I will be asking for payment in advance through paypal as I didn’t like paying an extra 150$ last year. We are staying from Wednesday to Monday. If you prefer arriving on Thursday then that is fine too. It will be split even at 190$ per person for 5 nights or if you only plan to stay 4 nights (Thursday to Monday) it’ll cost ya 160$.

So feel free to message me if you are interested. We are looking for mature people please, good hygiene and respectful. I had a good time last year and I want this year to be as smooth as the last (except for people bailing out!). Thanks!


Roommates found, we’re full!