Looking for Excellent sf4 players

I am looking for talented sf4 players to match up against. I really need help on working on my footsies game. I have only been playing for 4 months but i want to learn what i can from the best and apply it to my game. I’m actually not to bad but i feel if i exchange ideas with people that no what there talking ab out i can highly improve. I main ryu but i feel as if hes not my real character. sometimes i feel if its balrog cuz i feel more dominant. could it be cuz im bored of ryu? Please any1 that can help me with footsies and understand the game to an even more extended point add my xbl gamertag: E xn xv xi
I may have full friendslist so please just send a message and ill be sure to delete some1 to add you. thanks.

You’ll prolly have more success if you post this in the Xbox Live subforum’s matchmaking thread.