Looking for experienced cammy

i began playing ssf4 a few weeks ago and am maining cammy, now i am looking for a more experienced cammy player to play against and learn from. anybody willing to help out?

PSN or XBL or ?

More Cammys is always a good thing, but I’ll be the first to say I’m not sure if you should learn the game with Cammy. Yeah you can still learn fundamentals with her but her fairly high execution requirements (ie: TKCS) will probably frustrate you.

While Mingo is correct, don’t let it put you off. I will be honest and say I faffed around with everyone for a few months and then just picked Cammy, so I learnt pretty much all I know about SF from Cammy.

Will be happy to help if you’re on XBL and the connection is ok. One other thing, as I’m sure the Olympian will agree, the Cammy mirror match is a weird one, and not the best for learning how to use Cammy yourself. While you can learn some good combos and so forth I tend to play a lot more defensively against another Cammy player.

hi, i know cammy has some high requirements but i looked and looked for some other characters but its all the same: HAKAN SUCKS, IBUKI IS HIGH EXECUTION, RUFUS HAS ONE FRAME COMBOS, and after a while of consideration i just picked which character i wanted to main the most. I will take you up on your offer as well OneSicBunny.

Hakan does suck. If you wanna learn the game with one of the worst characters, go ahead.
Ibuki is indeed high execution. I wouldn’t recommend learning the game with her either.
Rufus has 1f links, but so does everybody. And like Cammy and unlike other characters you don’t necessarily need his/her 1f combos to win. You can go very far without even bother touching them.

It’s just generally agreed upon that some characters are easy to learn/pickup than the rest (eg: Ryu, Boxer). It’s these characters that I recommend learning the game with, because that’s what you’re trying to do: learn the game and not learn top notch execution. You can learn that later.

But anyways, if you still insist on starting with a difficult character, that’s all you.

^^^That’s something I’ve thought about. I have trouble executing Cammy’s offense sometimes, and because she is such an offensive player who also has rather technical DNA and seems to require great reflexes I struggle immensely with her. I love the shotos but they’re so common and Cammy is so cool, so I guess I’ll just have to endure some pain for a while.

That isn’t to say it’s Cammy’s fault, obviously. I’m still learning the fundamentals. I just feel that Cammy demands a greater understanding of those fundamentals in order to create wins.

Anyway, I’m “goldman sac” on XBL if anyone is feeling charitable. I’m godawful, so bear that in mind. Last time I played Street Fighter consistently was when Sagat first became a playable character.

Looking for a Expert-Pro Cammy.

XBL GT: Maple Maniac

Friend me anytime and invite me anytime ^^

Instead of making a new thread i think its wise to post it in here…

Good Abel Player Also looking for strong Cammys to train against, (really need to get better at the matchup)

Hit me up on XBL, i currently dont have SSF4 for PS3

The only character that isn’t hard is ryu, and everyone hates ryu. He’s old news. If you like a character, learn him/her. Does not matter. I’ve been maining cammy on sfiv for 10 months and I still get frustrated with her. Yes I am a fairly decent cammy, but shes one frustrating broad.

Cammy is really amazing im glad i picked her up, definitely helps in match ups i had trouble with as my main haha