Looking for expert windjammers opponents


Hi there, I’m writing this here because I’m seriously searching for (very) strong challengers in this game, Windjammers Flying Disc game. I never played against a very good opponent (except for BBH), and I’ve always won the sets I did. Please, if you’re good in the game, let me know it, and we’ll be able to set some games of high level (ggpo or supercade. Note that I’ve got very good ping and connections overseas are 99% of the time fluid and smooth). If you think you’re better than me, please tell or forever be silent ! Then I’ll say I’m the best in the world hahahahah !!:devil::badboy::devil:


i have a mac so i can’t play you but i LOVE windjammers.

also check out battle flip shot… another great game in the same genre.


What do you use to play windjammers online? I played the fuck out of it but I probably suck compared to you.


I played Windjammers whenever I had to wait in line to play SF3. The cabinets were right next to each other.

I’m still trying to decide which game has better multiplayer.


man what arcade has windjammers?


Virtualization and/or Boot Camp ftw!


Windjammers on any of the online emulators just doesn’t feel right. I own both the MVS cart and NeoCD version of the game and it’s very easy: NeoCD>MVS>>>>rom version. If that is what you are used to then it’s fine but playing Windjammers on 2Df (back when it was that) and on GGPO just doesn’t feel right. Now if you ever come to the Gulf Coast area of Florida I’ll throw down Windjammer matches until the sticks break.



He has Windjammers on one of the Neo Geo cabs I think.


After seeing some vids I can see how some matches could get fucking intense.



we have a mame cab at my arcade with wind jammers and battle flip shot. wind jammer money matches LOL


Yup the arcade here has it (University pinball). BTW i just found out that machine also has Super baseball 2020 on it. I will MM anyone in super baseball 2020, real talk. I also found out lifeforce is on there this week. That stupid cabinet never stops amazing me.


I want to see some high-level Windjammers play now. Anyone got any Youtube vids?


Well, it’s true that the game online doesn’t feel exactly like offline. I know both versions, and this is true. Though, it doesn’t affect to my mind the gameplay, which is even a bit easier to catch offline (neo geo or cabs). I used to have very intense matches with bbh, bubblan and a few others back in the days on 2df (replays section), but now that’s all gone. All you can see on youtube is not high level playing, it’s kind of a shame. Anyway, I’m still looking for a great opponent, since I never got beaten in this game (teasing you up heh but it’s true), and since I’m french, I guess we only will able to do it online. Challenge me !!



Make it happen!


Would it ever be possible ?!



Not sure is this high level… but hey looks good.


Meh they look decent. When you are under the disk you can mash to make your super pop up faster. Idk… from what i remember about playing windgamers you spammed that shit haha. In that vid they could have gotten super alot more. There was no real downside besides a reversal super which you can reverse right back if you have the reaction time. They also didn’t do many curve shots where you do like :qcf::uf: and instead of it just going straight or diagonal it will go straight but before it reaches your enemy it would curve upwards. It was good when you didn’t have super lol.

I played the shit out of this at one of my local game stores lol.


Here’s a tier list i made !
1/ Wessel / Mita : I can’t tell if one of them is really better than the other. Each one got his strenghts :
-Wessel got a really great sliding power (which cancels the fact he walks very slow), has powerfull normals, his spins are slight but can be deadly (and can stick to the walls ! great tricks with that). If you know how to play, he’s very hard to score against, and very dangerous when he netplays. His biggest flaw is the standard super, which his quite predictable. Though, you can do amazing tricks in courts like clay or concrete, with the blocks in the net : disc can go like randomly and be VERY hard to catch. You have to zone godly though to perform this trick.
-Mita is very fast, got outstanding curves (try yoga flame motion from up to down (or down to up) in the direction of your goals !!), and best of it all, got the most horrible standard super of the game : it can vary depending on your position in the court, making different kind of waves (stretched or large waves). Her flaws are her normals speed, and the fact she’s weak and can be smashed in her goal if you don’t zone well when defending for supers coming.
2/ B. Yoo : First, you may think he kinda sucks. Mostly because his super is the lamest of the game. BUT, he got “A” mark for dexterity. What is it ? Simple : great ability( when he tosses for charging super) for the disc to stay just above him, meaning every or so toss are equal to a super !! Spam spin supers with him, mixed with hammer throws (very very rarely standard). Be careful with reversals tho. But his footsie is very solid.
3/ Costa : Good overall abilities, and most of all : best hammer throw in the game, very fast startup. Don’t use it too much tho, because his super is nice too (note that you’d better do it far from the net, for it to go in every directions and not just waving in the center of the court). His spin super has the slowest startup : use it wisely.
4/ Biaggi : average abilities, but still good. Good trick is to be just right next to the wall and press the direction the wall is from you (just up or down) when doing the standard super : the disc will go straight forward really quick. His basic super is not that good, but can sometimes confuse some players.
5/ Scott : very powerful normals, but slow speed, short slides (be carfeful with lobs if you go to the net), and predictable super, though powerful : as for Wessel, in concrete and clay courts, you can hit the blocks for broken patterns !


Nevermind. I thought this was Twinkle Star Sprites. As you were. Carry on, carry on. :tup:


TSS is a real man’s game!

hit me up if you are ever in FL or MN. Fuzzy onions FTW