Looking for feedback on options while bullying

I think we all know rog has a hard time taking lifeloss back into his favor without the opponent essentially pushing a button.

I’m looking for what you guys do while bullying someone(walk and blocking them/jab pressuring them) .

Things like walk right up block to bait, or maybe you walk back whiff a jab into a straight for chip/pressure again, or anything you guys do.

Unless it’s a specific throw set-up, try to keep those out, I’m sure even novice rog players are doing tic throws during pressure as well as dash throwing out of it too. Same goes pretty much for tap/straight pressure(unless again, it’s a nice little fake out/set-up).

Also, try to keep in mind that most of the time you’re pretty far from them(to the point that low short will whiff).

Just curious to try to find some new ideas/things to play with.

I’ve been playing a lot with walking really close and just blocking. This, of course, takes reading your opponent(as does most of his damage that he gets while losing) as you can just get scooped.

Thanks in advance to anyone who participates for your input!

Please try to explain why you do what you do(example: to bait so and so, or because if my opponent does this, this or this I either win out or get this set up for me etc.).

When i bully my ops, i make them think a move is completely unpunishable, so when I do it in an unsafe way to move in closer they’re on edge on whether or not to attempt a reversal punish. Something as simple as lvl1 tap to throw/block/headbutt etc. Some ops are really simple, if you make them believe that a blocked TAP/dash punch is a 50/50 setup, and make them think that all they can do is block or tech it makes it immensely easy to surprise them/mix them up while getting chip damage.

I’ll get a vid of it up eventually, but against abel, max range standing jabs make it hard for him to do anything. In a match (I was abel), I literally got stunned by standing jabs. backdash may be a way out, but that’s an options that isn’t offensive. EX.TT loses to max distance standing jab because he’s not in range to grab you, he can’t crouch under it, it’s positive on block, and if he decides to roll, you’ll recover much faster than him in order to grab, or continue your pressure/bullying.

With bullying vega (a pastime of mines :slight_smile: ) you push him into point-blank fighting, where none of his moves have enough invincibility so he decides to flip away, cr.HK the single flip, walk and throw the double flip. rinse repeat.

with honda, push him into a corner and stay about two character lengths away so you’ll be able to successfully cr.hp his lk sumo smash. This range he’ll be unable to start any big damage combos although he should still be in range for his fierce normals. headbutts are entirely unsafe at this range to EVERYTHING, headbutt included. This may force him to do an EX sumo smash to get out of the corner, block and cr.hk as he recovers, throw him back in the corner, rinse repeat.

Bully Gen by shutting down his Oga so he doesn’t have any long range options, don’t crouch block, cr.hp is more useful than headbutt, and you won’t be AA his mantis jump arc anyway. Depending on where Gen hits you with Oga, you can punish accordingly, usually a throw will always catch him on recovery if he’s too deep. EX headbutt will beat oga’s that are far dives from the wall in the direction you headbutt, and other angled dives, but not as reliably. Oga’s can probably be Ultra’d like Adons too.

I play Gen and Abel as my alternates, so those are my experiences with balrog as far as what really hurts my damage output and footsies.

i agree with everything you’re saying however some of the match-up specific info doesn’t quite fit what i’m looking for. there’s a lot of times where your opp just will not press that button. they won’t do a sumo smash or jump. i’m talking more about the specific times when you’re in jab range but can’t make things happen because your opponent is just not gonna slip up. you really have to either throw or fake them out into doing a reversal/run away etc.

Thanks for the match-up info.

Just to clarify again, I’m not really looking for pointers or anything, just curious as to get getting some other minds’ opinions/choices so that i can play with/test them and possibly come up with something new or see something i don’t quite utilize enough.

as far as responding to making unsafe taps into faux 50/50s i can’t say i really agree with that. any experienced player should know when they’re unsafe/or when they’re going to be able to jab after.