Looking for feedback/testing for free arcade sports title



We are looking for feedback from the competitive/fight game/eSports community on a brand new multiplayer game called Disc Jam.

It’s an arcade-style sports game built for the competitive community and we’re trying to see if people would be willing to help test it at this very early stage. It’s pre-alpha, meaning it’s lacking a lot of features and content, but online matchmaking is up and running and we would love any feedback you’re willing to give us. It’s really difficult to test a multiplayer game with just two guys (no budget/funding, no publisher) so we’re trying to get as many people as we can finding matches.

You can get a Steam key for the pre-alpha free from the game’s website. Really sorry for this step but all of our matchmaking is tied to Steam so we have to distribute it via Steam keys. Otherwise, we would just host a direct link to the game files for you guys.

We are running a playtest today from 12pm-6pm PST and are streaming it live on Twitch in case you just want to spectate a game, ask us any questions, or give us feedback directly.

If you’re having issues or want more information, we have some pinned threads in our Steam forums that might be helpful.

Thanks, Tim


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So this is basically Windjammers: The next Generation…


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You need to absolutely play up
that this is a modern and maybe only version to play Online of the Arcade


skee / air hockey classic game that still gets played in dave & busters/arcades left today, so everyone who knows these mechanics by heart without even thinking about them can understand your game.


Although you have volleyball, and LETHAL LEAGUE kind of mechanics with sets to flip the puck/frisbee up and slow it down to handle it, and its not an immediate knock back tennis volley.

When a character got to the spot early and charged a special move - special move throws like Megaman Soccer saw on the website gameplay details-with the gifs-bring those gifs here too to showoff, much like holding down a big return volley in tennis games,

So does that have a trajectory, the same one every time? can it be aimed along the wall like that? or stopped at all by the opponent? Play that feature up too. Some of us have played Megaman Soccer and want more of that. IIRC it was limited to one special move per half. It would blow up and go thru a goalie, but I didn’t play enough to find out if that was Megaman series match the right boss weaknesses style or always did that.

Why both the corner goal gates too instead of just the center goal slot of air hockey? Maybe only consider that for doubles since a team can cover more space and there wouldn’t be any goals with 1 spot and 2 players per side unless any major mistakes.

Would you accept character design submission ideas, maybe good archetypes in fighting games, rather than the mess that was DIVEKICK’s crazy karate clowns. Vote and get a parody of someone into the game? What are the other character ideas?

Ryu’s bag has been a fighting game character before. “Bonus Kun” in Waku Waku 7 & their previous game


ok maybe its not the only one ever, and people have made games of this, but I don’t expect this budget one to have gotten a ton of play/modern graphics/controlling a character on a field/get on steam, etc.


@d3v consider moving this to FGD if the topic creator is ok with it too-he’s gotta come back first after GD scared him. Get more feedback there, since that’s where game design goes, get more testers for sure if they are interested.


It’s not a fighting game though.


1 vs 1 Arcade game > dungeon Fighter korean grinding

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Don’t they have smash threads?


Yeah if smashbros gets threads here this game should its only right since SRK provides coverage to more than just fighting games

We even have two non fighting games in the EVO lineup this year


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First off, let me apologize if I broke the rules posting here. I’ve been lurking on Tech Talk for about 5 years subbed to the AMAZING stick art threads. I read the GD guidelines before posting and it seemed like this post would be allowed. We aren’t selling anything we’re just looking for testing/feedback for a free pre-alpha. Disc Jam is made by two guys with no publisher and no budget. We don’t have any advertising and have done little to no promotion. We believe if people are having fun the game will grow on its own so we wanted to share it as early as possible. I started this thread because I know that the fight game community is as deeply passionate about arcade games as we are so we were hoping you guys might want to check it out.

Thanks @WTF-AKUMA-HAX for the early thoughts and thanks @d3v for not shutting the thread down.

We actually have that exact GIF:

And some gameplay:

There are currently 4 ways to throw: straight, lob, curve left and curve right. Also, if you charge up by standing under the disc (as in the above GIF), each throw becomes a power throw with various offensive properties. We are very early in development and are really looking forward to expanding the design mechanics of shot selection/execution. Game-changing knockbacks and momentum shifting powerups are definitely something we’re discussing regularly.

ABSOLUTELY! We are open to all character design ideas. One of my favorite things about arcade games is you don’t have to pin a character to a genre/universe. Our characters can be humans, animals, dinosaurs, spirits, robots, whatever! We are really looking forward to opening up the design here. Our first two characters are pretty vanilla (as to be expected) but we are excited to deepen the roster and are always looking for interesting concepts. We could share some concepts/renders of those ideas here as well.


Sounds good. Dinosaurs look really in right now, have you seen the King of Fighters 14 Trailer?

They labeled the first character shown exactly that with the: “King of DINOSAURS”

And of course all kinds of games on steam that are super popular just for featuring dinosaurs.
Dino Horde,

Those 2 in particular show off the power move, yeah.


Starting the thread with this one might’ve gotten better reception too. :tup:

Oh and another thing out there already; I have not seen what they did with Avatar:Korra’s arena disc-pro-bending game and how full or not full of features that was compared to the animated scenes in the show. Apparently, only just a mini-game?


We’ve just opened up another playtest. Our game is hosting a FREE PUBLIC ALPHA so we would love to hear your thoughts: Download Here

Patch Notes
We’re very excited to share the BIG changes that went into this build! Our top feature request on our roadmap was adding our next character so we’re happy to announce that Makenna has joined the fun! Small but speedy, Makenna covers a lot of ground and can be a crippling defensive player. Another massive change is the addition of SKILL CURVES! You can now use the left stick during windup to add spin to your throw. Check out our blog post for more details and see below for the full list of added features:

[] NEW: Added Makenna to the roster
] NEW: SKILL CURVES added! New throw mechanic for adding spin to the disc during windup
[] NEW: Disc physics overhauled to enable disc skipping and spin-based ricochet
] NEW: Added end game screen with rematch flow to get players back in game faster
[] NEW: 32-bit Windows is now supported
] IMPROVED: All new full body throw animations
[] IMPROVED: Throw curvature is now indicated by tilt angle
] IMPROVED: Full UI reskin
[] FIXED: Lobby countdown not resetting
] TWEAKED: Power throws are now harder to track and should be more effective
[*] TWEAKED: RT/LT curve throws updated to be “quick curves” with faster release time than all other throws


Seeing more in this thread is great. I really enjoyed lethal league, super dodgeball, and blitzball, so i know this game is going to be amazing once i can get my hands on a near complete version. Would love to see this played at a major event.