Looking for fellow Columbus, OH players to Level Up with


Hello there, I just recently relocated here from the wonderful city of New Orleans. With multiple LAN centers and local FGC groups around I got a bit spoiled having people to play with everyday. Sorry to say after just 2 weeks of playing+3 hours a day of just online games I want to eat my arcade stick.

I’m a huge FG player that grew up during the “Quarter Age” playing Samurai Showdown and Alpha 2. I currently grind KoF/UMVC3/SFAE in that order…looking to pick up persona 4 on launch. Silly as it may sound I am very serious about getting better and possibly bein a real contender in the FGC cricuit next year.

I have a full Ps3 rig with 2 high end sticks and multiple low latency monitors. Very willing to host if that’s whats needed.

Hit me Up.




Just joined yesterday, waiting for my request to be approved. Ty for the heads up.


[Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!

There’s also this. We’re playing at Momo2 tonight, but it’s going to be the last game night since Kroger’s decided to e-Sport and buy the place out. But we’ll probably be hosting local gatherings until we find a new place again too. I play UMVC3 and KoF XIII out there, but I like KoF 98’ a lot more…](‘Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!’)


I do enjoy 98 but the only retro game I find myself getting into seriously is Vampire Savior…very before its time. The closing of Momo2 was actually what spurred me to try and reach out personally as I was not sure how gatherings would work after that. Since arcade culture in parts of the south died much later then most of the US, when they finally did Gamecenters just took their place…traded quarters for renting booths and hourly television time lol. With only 1 venue and that being closed I just feared finding people serious enough to grind with until I can start traveling more for Ranbats and majors.


If you care about vampire savior move to cincinnati



Definitely hit up Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati, Ohio sometime if you ever get a chance Faust. :tup:

We play everything there in terms of 2D & 3D fighting games. If you’re a fan of Vampire Savior & love playing that game, Arcade Legacy is a place you want to go then. We’re known as “Vampire Arcadia” for a reason. :tup:

Hope to see ya there sometime soon my good sir. I’m pretty sure you’ll meet up with the Columbus FGC very shortly. Everyone in the FGC from Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, & Northern Kentucky are pretty cool & we all chill & play fighting games with each other often, so I’m pretty certain you’ll be at Arcade Legacy sometime soon, as well as meet up with everyone from around the scene here for sure in the very near future. :tup:


I’m hoping to make it out to Cincinnati when I can, though at the moment the vehicle I have could not take that much driving. Thank you to everyone that has been so welcoming. I hope to make it out as many as possible and hopefully have many of you over at my place to play on stream and grind out casuals or long sets.


No worries. Glad to help you out my good sir. :tup:


i just put in a request for the columbus facebook group. I’ve been looking for players to grind with. just got back into fighting games after 6 years of FPS competitive play.


Is the Columbus area still alive for fighters? I want to play games, but Cincinnati is a bit far out of the way.


not really.

as far as i know, there’s like…one gathering at Donato’s on High Street (unless they relocated) and most of them play Injustice, KOF and Melee/Brawl. some people may play SF if that’s what you’re into, it’s rare that there’s a set-up for it (at least the couple of times I went).